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Bubba's Bubbles and Village Laundry have been family owned businesses since 2008. Our family has been in Williston since 1993.

Bubba was in Agricultural Chemical Sales and wanted to buy a coin laundromat as a side business. So, in 2008 we purchased The Wash House coin laundry and The Village drop-off and self-serve coin laundry.  

A couple years later, we had an opportunity to buy Ajax Car Wash next door to the Village, and then the "boom" started. We got so busy washing clothes dropped off at the Village Coin Laundry, we took the leap and built a commercial drop-off laundry and that became the "new" Village. 


Instead of calling the the coin laundry the "old" Village, we decided it was time for a name change. The Wash House, Ajax Car Wash, and the "old" Village became Bubba's Bubbles. A year or two later, we started construction on the Bubba's Bubbles automatic and self-serve car washes next to the new Village Laundry. The Village commercial laundry has expanded to include delivery in Eastern Montana and Northwestern North Dakota. We supply floor mats, linens and uniforms, everything from oilfield, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. 

We look forward to growing and serving our community for years to come!


Our goal is to always serve our family of customers effectively and efficiently. We operate a flexible operation which has been designed with the needs of our customers to give them peace of mind. Our main endeavor is to provide each and every customer with full support plus the finest quality and dedicated service in the industry. 



At the Village, we specialize in commercial laundry, uniform services, and drop-off laundry for Williston and surrounding areas.


The Village is located next to our automatic wash location over on 26th Street East. The Village also serves as a headquarters for Bubba's Bubbles.

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